Originally from Great Britain, my training and education was in science. I realized, soon after finishing my degree, that I was really being pulled towards the creative sector and I began working as a graphic designer and jewelry artist.

It was whilst living in California, however, that I really fell in love with photography. One day, on a whim, I picked up a camera and was instantly hooked. My direction changed forever!


Now located in the Carolinas, I own and operate Mountain Tree Studios photography and design, whilst pursuing my passion for  fine art photography.

The primary influence for my art photography comes from my love of, and personal identification with the landscape. My images are a response to the emotion, mood and 'sense' of a place, rather than its literal representation, but I'm also  fascinated with the beauty, rhythm and patterns of light and landscape.

When photographing in urban environments, I'm strongly drawn to shadows, reflections and patterns of light — how it seems to be "there, but not there"; essentially creating something from nothing.

6 - 24<>

My work can currently be found in private collections in California, the East Coast and Great Britain.


A selection of prints, in various sizes, are available via my gallery, and requests for bespoke images for commercial purposes can be made via